43inchesofirony whispered, "oh man youre gross too jegus what is it with everyone this is bull"

iit2 the wonderful world of adult hood kiid.

TA: the name2 2ollux captor
TA: uh.
TA: iim not good at the whole 2ociialiiziing thiing ii gue22 2o bear wiith me.

Your name is SOLLUX CAPTOR and you are EIGHT AND A HALF SWEEPS OLD. In this timeline you live on EARTH because your session wasn't CORRUPTED by the HUMAN'S SESSION. You live ALONE in central NEW YORK which is a pretty shitty place, but whatever. You've basically lost contact with everyone else from your timeline, but you're welcome to any of your friends' alternate selves.

Your interests are basically the same, hacking, computers and games, whatever. You've developed heavy insomnia so sleep isn't something you do a lot, and eating is rare. You hardly go outside, and it's a wonder you even have a source of income (thanks to programming and personal tech support).

What will you do?

==> Be the most awkward alien on this weirdo planet.